County Operations Plan Actions

The following tables summarize the goals and actions for each of the five key areas. All actions are evaluated for co-benefits according to the guiding principles of greenhouse gas reduction potential, transparency, equity, and resilience (social, economic, and built environment).

All-In Clark County Operations Plan

Engagement Process

Throughout the seven-month planning process, All-In Clark County utilized a comprehensive approach to engage stakeholders. Engagement of County staff and initial engagement of the public included:

  • 12 interviews
  • 6 focus groups
  • 3 surveys: 1 survey to County staff, 1 survey to regional organizations, 1 survey to the public (offered in English, Spanish, and Tagalog)

All-In Clark County Operations Plan

Sustainability Framework & Guiding Principles

To ensure that all actions included in this plan are reflective of the County’s values and priorities, four guiding principles were identified and developed into a Sustainability Framework:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  2. Transparency
  3. Equity
  4. Resilience: Social, Economic, and Built Environment

This framework was used to evaluate actions for inclusion in the County Operations Plan and can also be used as a decision-making tool for the County for future projects. Actions that had the potential for the highest impact in the four guiding principle areas became priority actions for All-In Clark County.