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All-In Climate Education Program

One of the three priority, cross-cutting strategies identified in the All-In Community Plan is to develop and implement a County-wide Climate Education Program. The Education Program aims to:   

  • Raise Awareness of All-In Clark County 
  • Grow Climate Literacy Among Community Members 
  • Be a Catalyst for Behavior Change to Support High-Impact Strategies 

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About the Program

Engagement Strategy

The All-In Clark County planning process identified the need to provide basic climate education for Southern Nevada’s diverse community. To grow climate literacy and debunk common myths about climate solutions, Clark County and the Climate Collaborative have developed an education and outreach strategy that will be executed over the next few years. This strategy will leverage the relationships developed with community-based organizations (CBOs) through the All-In planning process to reach target audiences, particularly low-income and disadvantaged communities (LIDACs). Providing a foundation of climate literacy will help to build community support to implement the plan, adopt climate policies, and to shift behavior to reduce emissions and enhance resilience. 

About the Program

All-In Climate Ambassadors

In April 2024, Clark County relaunched the All-In Climate Ambassadors Program to support the implementation of the All-In Community Plan. By attending community events and promoting All-In through in-person and digital activities, Climate Ambassadors are supporting the objectives of the Education Program and helping Clark County to reach a larger audience. The 15-person Climate Ambassador team reflects the diversity of ages, cultures, and background in Clark County. Ambassadors will help to bring information and feedback opportunities to people across Southern Nevada, especially those populations most threatened by climate change.

About the Program

Meet the Ambassadors

Climate Ambassadors host and attend events, workshops, and presentations across Southern Nevada on a variety of environmental topics. The calendar below is full of community events where our Ambassadors will be! Interested in inviting an Ambassador attend your event or give a presentation? Please reach out to Olivia Burns, Environmental Specialist with Clark County, at

How You Can Go All-In

Subscribe to the All-In Newsletter

Signing up for the All-In newsletter is the best way to stay up to date on All-In events and programs! Complete the form to subscribe; your information will be kept private and you won't be spammed. And make sure to check out the All-In Events webpage for more information and educational events.

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How You Can Go All-In

Start a Climate Conversation

Did you know that 74% of U.S. adults trust friends and family for climate information? (source: Yale, George Mason University 2022)

You probably also know that it can be a sticky subject sometimes — not everyone loves talking about topics that can feel overwhelming, frustrating, or even depressing (or be the one delivering the message). We understand that the task can feel daunting.

However, if we don’t start a conversation, who will? It’s more important than ever that we tackle the climate crisis, and simply talking about it is a deceptively powerful tool. People are more likely to be concerned about climate change if someone they trust shares their concerns.

This guide outlines 4 key steps to having productive conversations about climate change with family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. You’ll learn tips for who to talk to, what to talk about, how to approach the topic, and when and where.

Go All-In Clark County with Us!

How You Can Go All-In

Even More Resources to Go All-In

The resources listed here are short overviews of both the All-In program and about climate change in Clark County. We designed these to be informative without overwhelming you with more information than you need. Click the buttons below to review the PDFs. 

A short overview of the All-In initiative to get you up to speed.
Una breve descripción general de la iniciativa All-In para ponerlo al día.
Ang isang maikling sumusunod ng All-In inisyatiba upang makakuha ka up sa bilis.
A short 2-page fact sheet with everything you need to know, and nothing you don't!
Una hoja de datos corta de 2 páginas con todo lo que necesita saber, y nada que no sepa!
Ang isang maikling 2-page fact sheet na naglalaman ng lahat ng kailangan mong malaman, at walang bagay na hindi mo!
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