Community Toolkit

Every individual and family in Clark County can be part of creating a sustainable and resilient community. 

Clean & Reliable Energy

Energy use in Clark County comes in many forms, from cooling buildings and powering traffic signals, to lighting offices and using appliances. Having clean and reliable energy means that we need to reduce how much we use while also transitioning to cleaner power sources.

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Support an Efficient & Resilient Energy Future

You can help us go All-In to reduce energy consumption and increase reliance on renewables. Here are some key steps to take.

See if you are eligible for community solar. (Applications re-open Sept. 2023).
Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills with solar on your home or business.
Store your extra renewable energy to reduce your emissions and protect against outages.
A house with solar panels on the roof.

Resilient County Operations

A resilient Clark County supports residents, businesses, and visitors to be healthy, successful, and adaptable to changing climate conditions. Ensuring that we are resilient means both understanding what climate change will mean for our daily lives, as well as preparing and adjusting so that we can be a stronger community, into the future. 

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Contribute to a More Resilient Clark County

We can go All-In on resilience by engaging all members of our community in climate change education, emergency preparedness, and collective care. Take advantage of these resources. 

Get up to speed and stay informed with Clark County's digital resilience apps.
Escape extreme heat with heat maps, cooling centers, and more County resources.
Ensure that you're prepared for any emergency with FEMA's Emergency Supply Checklist.
Southern Nevada Heat Resource Map

Smart Waste Management & Reduction

Clark County is working to recycle more while educating our growing population on smart consumption practices to reduce the generation of waste.

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Get Smart About Waste

There are lots of ways to reduce the waste you produce and dispose of what you do throw out responsibly. Learn more!

Cut down on the waste you produce by investing in refillable products.
Incorporate sustainability into your business to reduce emissions and waste.
Get more use out of your food waste by signing up for a community composting program.

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Sustainable Transportation

How people and goods move around Clark County is important! When we commute to work, go to meetings, and conduct inspections, especially if we go by car, our actions impact the environment. Clark County is making moves toward cleaner and more efficient transportation options.

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Reduce Your Transportation Footprint

Biking, walking, taking transit, and driving an electric car are all ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Green your trip with these tools!

Plan your next ride with RTC and get estimated arrival times with a click of your phone.
See how much money and gas you could save by switching to an electric vehicle.
Find an electric vehicle charging station location near you.

Water Conservation & Protection

Water supply, use, and management, including stormwater management, are essential to supporting life in the valley. 

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Conserve Water for a Thriving Future

Complying with water regulations can be easy with rebates and help from SNWA. Check out these resources!

Discover SNWA's tools to navigate your local water restrictions.
Ditch unnecessary water use and save money with the Water Smart Landscapes Rebate program.
Cut down on your commercial water usage and finance water efficiency projects.