Clean & Reliable Energy

Implementing policies, programs, and projects that support the generation and delivery of clean and reliable energy to all.

Leading by Example

Community-Based Solar Projects

In 2019, the Nevada Legislature passed a law to expand solar energy to low-income customers without requiring them to install their own solar systems. In response, NV Energy recently launched the Expanded Solar Access Program to support community-based solar projects. At the Program’s full capacity, the Expanded Solar Access Program has the potential to serve more than 8,700 low-income households and more than 15,000 households that would otherwise be unable to install solar panels due to rental agreements or space constraints.


Photo Credit: NV Energy

Energy and Climate

Connections to Climate Change

Investing in and producing more renewable energy will reduce GHG emissions. At the same time, we need to strengthen the electric grid against the impacts of climate change which threaten to disrupt energy delivery and increase energy bills. Extreme weather events, particularly heat waves, stress the electricity grid and elevate the risk of brownouts. Flash flooding and high winds also pose risks to power lines and other energy infrastructure. These issues can be addressed through strategies that include creating more connections to regional clean energy supplies, making the grid "smarter," and leveraging energy storage opportunities.

Our Pathway to a Clean Energy Future

Explore the goals, strategies, and actions in the All-In Community Plan. Use the dropdown table to see the progress we've made towards implementing each action!

Are You All-In?

Support an Efficient & Resilient Energy Future

You can help us go All-In to reduce energy consumption and increase reliance on renewables. Here are some key steps to take.

See if you are eligible for community solar (applications re-open in September 2023!)
Reduce emissions and energy bills by installing solar on your home or business
Store your extra renewable energy and protect against power outages