Connected & Equitable Mobility

Develop a safe, connected, and accessible transportation system that prioritizes low-carbon mobility, public transportation, and active lifestyles. 

Why Transportation Matters

Transportation and Climate Change

Getting around Clark County using a diversity of efficient, clean, and safe options is crucial to tackling climate change. With each mile we drive using gasoline or diesel, we emit greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that contribute to climate change. Transportation alone accounts for 36% of all GHG emissions in the County! To reduce emissions, Clark County residents and visitors can rely on more sustainable mobility options like electric vehicles and public transit to decrease the impact of necessary travel. 

Leading by Example

Complete Streets Initiative

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has launched a regional Complete Streets Initiative to promote safer streets and make walking, biking, and transit riding more attractive and accessible. This will include the implementation of new policies and infrastructure upgrades such as protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks, bus shelters with more shade, and dedicated transit lanes.

Next Steps for Connected Mobility

Explore the goals, strategies, and actions in the All-In Community Plan. Use the dropdown table to see the progress we've made towards implementing each action!

Are You All-In?

Reduce Your Transportation Footprint

Get active, share rides, and drive electric to help move our community towards a green mobility future. Check out these resources to get started!

Earn monthly prizes for your sustainable commute
Plan your next ride with RTC and get estimated arrival times on your phone
See how much money and gas you could save by switching to an electric vehicle
Find an electric vehicle charging station location near you
Take advantage of federal tax credits for used and new electric vehicles