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All-In Home and Building Improvement Hub

Coming Soon: A one-stop-shop for all your building improvement needs.

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Overwhelmed by Choices


The Opportunity: Historic Funding Levels

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, there will soon be over $25 billion in funding available nationwide to support investments in home energy efficiency and we aim to bring as much of that as possible to Southern Nevada.

The challenge for a resident to unlock all the potential savings will be to successfully navigate at least seven different State and Federal programs as well as the programs from each energy utility and water utility, not to mention understand what actions will be best for their circumstances.  

On their own, it is unlikely anyone would be able to find and pursue everything they qualify for. This is where the All-In Building Improvement Hub comes in.


Our Bet: Going Big

There is one additional funding source that could catalyze transformative change in building energy in our region if we are successful.

On April 1st, 2024, Clark County, on behalf of the participants in the All-In Regional Climate Collaborative, applied to the U.S. EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program for $500 million to extend rebates where they are needed the most. But more importantly to create a new kind of resource to coordinate delivery of energy efficiency and building improvements at a scale needed to meet this moment.  

Later this summer, we'll know more about just how big of an impact we'll be able to make as we develop the All-In Home and Building Improvement Hub!

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About the Program

The Hub's Suite of Services

To streamline information gathering and simplify decision making, the Hub will provide a one-stop shop for home and building improvements that enhance indoor air quality and comfort, increase water and energy efficiency, and reduce utility bills. It provides residents and businesses with the technical assistance, financial resources, and coordinate trusted contractors needed to do the work. 

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About the Program

Stakeholder Engagement

The County is currently working with many community partners to develop the Hub. On March 5th, 2024, an open house was held with local contractors to introduce the program, discuss the benefits for contractors' involvement, and understand potential challenges so they can be addressed before launch.

Clark County and our partners in the All-In Regional Climate Collaborative have also been working with many other stakeholders to ensure we're designing the program to address key barriers that residents commonly face when choosing to upgrade their homes.

Planning this right from the start will help ensure that Southern Nevada can make big strides on energy efficiency and home comfort while supporting an emerging industry of local energy professionals to help keep us on the forefront of energy solutions in the years ahead.

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Engaging a group of contractors who came to the March 5th open house.

About the Program

Workforce Development

An initiative this size will create many new opportunities and transforming Southern Nevada's building stock will require a strong workforce of skilled tradespeople who can upgrade, install, and service new equipment to high standards. As high performance buildings become the norm in our region, our workforce will need to stay on the cutting edge to deliver the newest technologies.  

Luckily for Southern Nevada, organized building trades in the region have the facilities and expert staff to not only open doors to the opportunity for people entering the workforce, but also keep them up to speed over the course of their careers. 

Training Equipment at the Pipefitters Local 525 Training Center

Training Equipment at the Pipefitters Local 525 Training Center

About the Program

Stay Tuned!

We will know more about grant applications over the summer and this resource will continue to develop over the fall of 2024. Stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter and learn about all the other exciting activities we continue to roll out as part of the All-In Community Plan.